About Me

When I was ten years old, I was invited to play basketball in a Sunday school rec-league because I missed the sign-ups for the school team. By the time I was sixteen, I had committed to serving in full-time ministry. I felt called to serve God while overlooking the beaches of Normandy, where over 10,000 soldiers willingly gave up their lives for the freedom of people they would never meet. I decided on that day I was done living for myself, and I gave my life over to the biggest cause I could think of – serving the Kingdom of God.

It started by taking a leadership role in my church’s youth group and, eventually, also at the district and conference levels. I then got involved in a few other multi-church ministry programs before taking over as the ministry director of CLAY Team Sports Ministry, which we grew from a Sunday school rec-league to a community-wide sports outreach program, involving churches from over a dozen denominations. I also helped launch the Created… Music Project, which has seen over 40 youth and young adults play original music everywhere from soup kitchens to sports stadiums.

I went on to study youth and sports ministry at Malone University under the only professor in the world with a doctorate in sports ministry. In addition, I minored in sport management and coaching while running on the varsity track team. During college, I helped start a city-wide church soccer program in Siguatepeque, Honduras and spoke on the topic of “Bodily Stewardship” in Ottawa, Canada at a Christian Society of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies conference. As my internship project, I founded Right Choice Today, Inc., which serves as the corporate umbrella for Paradigm Shift Ministries (PSM) and its programs.

I have also worked at an international boarding school, served on a city-wide youth development task force and held affiliations with the Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministers and the Gideons International. Some non-ministry exploits include broadcast communications, internet development and social media marketing.


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